Tattoo Removal

As the popularity of getting tattoos has increased so has the the number of people who want them removed. Thanks to laser technology tattoos being permanent is a thing of the past. As advances have been made over the years laser has become the most effective and safe way to remove a tattoo.


The laser produces pulses of intense light that penetrate the skin safely and breaks the tattoo pigment into microscopic particles that are then absorbed into the body and flushed out by the immune system.

The Alex TriVantage emits precise wavelengths of light that target the tattoo pigments, although some colors such as white, pink, greens and blues are very difficult to remove and may not completely fade away.

Photo by Getty Images

Photo by Getty Images



A professionally done tattoo could take as many a 6-15 treatments to completely remove. Home made tattoos can take less treatments as the ink is usually not as deep.


Treatments can be uncomfortable so we offer a topical numbing cream to apply prior to your appointment.

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