Mole Removal

Common benign Moles, skin tags and raised skin lesions can be removed safely and effectively with out surgery using the Ellman Radio Frequency treatment. 

The Ellman's radio frequency technology uses high frequency energy delivered by a wire electrode in place of a scalpel or laser to remove skin lesions and moles.  This results in little to no swelling or bruising as well as minimal bleeding and much less of a risk of scarring then when removal is done with a scalpel. There is also less recovery time with an Ellman treatment and redness and swelling are mild compared to when a laser is used.



Moles are the result of skin cells (melanocytes) that grow in a cluster and skin tags are caused by friction on the skin. Skin tags are soft, movable flesh and are often raised with a stalk-like stem. They can range in color from flesh toned to brown and commonly grow on the neck and underarms. Moles can be found anywhere on the body and be either flat to the skin or raised.

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